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"Your wipes truly are the only natural deodorant option I've tried that have worked so far!" 
— Ashley, Los Angeles, CA

"I just gave birth to my son and was in the hospital for three days and couldn't shower. The cleansing face wipe and deodorant wipe saved me! RECESS is perfect for important moments like this!" 
— Ashley, San Francisco, CA

"I use your wipes and I LOVE them! They're the perfect refresher :)"
— Kate, New York, NY

"It [RECESS] was perfect...I had just had a Saturday morning surf and with one face wipe felt clean and ready to meet up for some brunch...I especially loved not having that tacky feeling left on my face -- I felt fresh and ready to transition to the next part of my day."
— Lara B., Surfer, Venice, CA

“I had a super active day running around Brooklyn at the start of spring and used this in the afternoon for a little refresher. I felt SO much cleaner, and love the scent."
— Nina, Brooklyn, NY

"I'm really into these. I had a business trip and threw this pack in my luggage and was so relieved not to have to carry all my other usual toiletries."
— Ethan, Chicago, IL

"I hate washing my hair so this is the perfect in-between product to use on the days I don't wash my hair, or when I'm traveling."
— Nicole, Los Angeles, CA

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