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  • "I use these wipes from Recess because I'm perpetually short on time, the public showers in my gym are untrustworthy, and I would rather feel semi-clean than not clean at all — so, I keep these in every bag I own." - Samantha Sasso, Refinery29

  • “After 3 days of trying these out, I give them a 10/10” - @ashbegash

  • “I had a super active day running around Brooklyn at the start of spring and used this in the afternoon for a little refresher. I felt SO much cleaner, and love the scent." — Nina, Brooklyn, New York

  • "It [RECESS] was perfect...I had just had a Saturday morning surf and with one face wipe felt clean and ready to meet up for some brunch...I especially loved not having that tacky feeling left on my face -- I felt fresh and ready to transition to the next part of my day." — Lara B., Surfer, Venice, CA

  • "I'm really into these. I had a business trip and threw this pack in my luggage and was so relieved not to have to carry all my other usual toiletries." — Ethan, Chicago, Illinois

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