Why Wipe?

Why Wipe?
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You may have preconceived notions about wipes. We did. We had so many disappointing experiences with face + body wipes but loved the freedom they could offer, so we made our own! We wanted the benefits of what we expected from the products we used at home - clean, bright, moisturizing - to get healthy glowing skin without sticky residue or redness, but couldn't find any wipes that delivered on those expectations.

Wipes are the perfect accessory for a busy life. On-the-go or at-home, time is always scarce, so RECESS is making it easier to freshen up, be clean, and feel your best, even if you only have a moment to yourself.

Using face + body wipes saves water (you use 17 gallons of water for a shower!) and helps to avoid over-drying your skin. They're quick and easy to use, and remove surface dirt, pollution, and germs while adding in moisture with hyaluronic acid and other scientifically proven ingredients. It's time for RECESS.

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