Staying Hopeful Amidst Uncertainty

Staying Hopeful Amidst Uncertainty
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What a weird time we’re living in. I keep thinking we’re in a sci-fi movie, but a bad one where each scene that passes you think, “no, there’s no way that makes any sense. The director really missed the boat.” But here we are.

Everyone handles stress and chaos differently and the waves of the past few weeks have been significant. I used to spend my days frantically running between meetings, appointments, product drop offs, workouts, and coffee dates with other founders or marketers. I felt like there were never enough hours in the day and that it would be awesome if there was just one week, where I was still and focused to just “do work”. Careful what you wish for! Now that I have not one, but multiple weeks, maybe months of that focused still work time, here’s how I’m staying calm, productive and positive in this time of crisis.

Most importantly, I know that my RECESS is exercise. I need it and crave it, for my mind, body and spirit. Instead of going to workout classes with my usual teachers and a familiar crew, I’ve started online workouts at home. It’s given me the opportunity to take classes I wouldn’t have otherwise taken, support teachers whose schedules never synced with mine, and get to know studios all over the country! Plus, it forces me to change out of sweatpants, but more on that later.

So much texting and phone chatting. Without the constant stream of meetings and the need to physically be in 100 places a day, my time is streamlined and I’m able to just hop on the phone instead of having to schedule everything days in advance. It’s nice to be more informal.

Keeping healthy habits. Yes, we bought frozen pizza at the grocery store, but that’s a backup. Most of what I’m eating is what I’d normally eat — red meat or chicken, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, nuts and fruit. An extra cookie or ice cream sandwich is always welcome, but stay consistent with as much as you can. And yes, this includes putting on clothes. Our mission with RECESS is to change the way you feel. When you’ve been in sweats for 2 days, it’s time to switch it up. Take a shower, shed the staleness, and if you’re feeling bold, wash your hair. Fresh air is also the best medicine for a strained mind. See the trees, smell the air, feel the sunshine. As long as it’s safe where you are, get outside everyday.

All of these habits keep me in a state of general equilibrium. As the founder and CEO of a bootstrapped consumer brand I’d be lying if I said the impact of this virus isn’t frustrating and challenging. We had (and still have) big dreams for 2020 but watching the world around us stall when we’re raring to go is like driving an empty train to an unknown destination (though hopefully one with palm trees.) But the world is bigger than me and while I’ve channeled my energy into new projects and supporting others around me, I’ve found you can create opportunity and hope if you look in the right places. Choose to use your energy for good. In your place of work, your family, your community, your world. And the other thing, it’s ok to just be still to recenter, refocus and re-emerge.

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