Wipes vs. Gel

Wipes vs. Gel
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We always thought there was a better experience awaiting us when it comes to using sticky goopy gels. Thinking back to a particularly painful sunburn, the only thing that made it worse was the aloe that was supposed to be helping, was sticking to everything! Gels feel good going on, but are drying on the skin, sticky and messy!

1. Wipes actually remove surface dirt and dead skin cells and help to lightly exfoliate, while gels sit on the surface
2.  RECESS wipes reduce redness without any stinging. 
3.  Wipes fit in your pocket, wallet, or beach bag - basically anywhere - so you don't have to carry that heavy bulky pump with you
4. RECESS wipes moisturize while doing what they say they do. Gels usually dry your hands and body.
5. Wipes are biodegradable but the gel bottles will sit in landfills. We like to create products that are good for you and the earth. 

One more reason why wipes are better than gels:
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