• "The best thing about the charcoal blotting paper — besides the way it sops up oil like an evil pipeline — is that it visually transforms."

  • "Best travel wipe kit: No need to buy three different types of wipes in jumbo-sized boxes of 100 that you’ll never use—Recess offers a “Travel Bundle”."

  • "This clean beauty company creates bacteria-fighting unisex, biodegradable face and body wipes. RECESS is also female-founded."

  • "New beauty brand RECESS understands the struggle, which is why they just launched a product line for busy folks on-the-go (read: all of us)."

  • "I use these wipes from Recess because I'm perpetually short on time, the public showers in my gym are untrustworthy, and I would rather feel semi-clean than not clean at all — so, I keep these in every bag I own."

  • "Recess, a new wellness line, offers another refreshing alternative: biodegradable single-serving wipes with antibacterial eucalyptus."

  • "Each is thoughtfully designed with clean, active ingredients, and they’re biodegradable to boot."

  • "The first wipe dedicated to aloe for both your face and body, these are a godsend for those who spend a little too much time outside."

  • "Young, on-the-go and workout-obsessed consumers are wiping out traditional forms of grooming products, literally."

  • "The products combine clean ingredients, biodegradability and convenience and are suitable for sensitive skin."

  • "Again, the Recess Wipes came in handy. Maybe it was time to actually bathe, but with my new superpower wipes, why would I?"

  • "I'm always sneaking in a midday workout, so wipes are a necessity to freshen up post-sweat session. These are the best out there for both cleansing and moisturizing. (SLT + Stretch'd founder Amanda Freeman)"

  • "These handy deodorant wipes were created for the gym, but they're also great for freshening up on long-haul flights. The formula is aluminum-free, removes sweat, conditions skin, and prevents future odor."

  • "Makes clean and biodegradable face, body and hair wipes, is fueling growth by using Instagram and pop-ups to form and promote new product strategies."

  • "If all the bands you want to see are playing all through-out the day and you won't have a chance to refresh, make sure you pack some body wipes to keep you feeling your best."

  • "For a just-showered feeling without the water..."

  • "I'm currently carrying a pack from newly launched fitness-meets-personal care brand RECESS, and they've been a true lifesaver when I'm running from morning workout classes to the office."

  • "We may or may not be currently planting a few of these wipes in every drawer at the office and every pocket of our bags."

  • "If switching outfits after your final stretch isn't possible, use a wipe to quickly cleanse your skin."

  • "Here to help you cut down on your routine post-workout and avoid waiting in line for the shower is RECESS, a new eco-friendly brand that offers beauty essentials for people that need to freshen up and cleanse while on the go."

  • "Face Wipes—my saviors! Don’t know where I’d be without them?"

  • "...for the face that reduce redness and ones for the body that are aluminum-, sulfate- and paraben-free — instead relying on naturally antibacterial tea tree oil to deal with sweat and odor."

  • "Sweaty hair is a post-workout reality. Dry shampoo can do the trick, but if you're limited on space, try these charcoal hair blotters that absorb all the greasy stuff and leave your tresses feeling fresh."

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