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Our Story


RECESS was founded by CEO Jackie Stauffer and is a line of wellness-based personal care products designed to fit seamlessly into an active lifestyle and delivered in the form of easy-to-use biodegradable wipes.

Jackie had the idea for RECESS when she first started working out during her lunch break. She grew increasingly frustrated with the long lines in the locker room and the time it cut into her workday. Seeing the midday rush day in and day out, made it clear that Jackie wasn’t the only working professional in the same boat. She knew there had to be a better solution to replace the need for a shower.  The products had to be quick, portable and effective. 

Jackie found this solution at the intersection of personal care, fitness, and travel: RECESS. It began as a side project, but Jackie soon learned that in order to crack a $2.2 trillion market, she needed a team. She recruited friends and former colleagues Cathy Gaito Yukich (COO and CFO) and Jaime Roth (CCO) as the founding force behind the brand. Designed for the in-between moments, RECESS is here to be your essential for hair, face and body.

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