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RECESS is reimagining the tools you need for a simpler on-the-go lifestyle that’s easier, fresher and better-for-you. The brand was founded by Jackie Stauffer after she experienced a frustrating locker room moment. After being a high-school athlete she remained passionate and committed to health and wellness, but it became harder and harder to stick to a routine as she took on more responsibilities at work early in her career. She found herself waiting in locker room shower lines or rinsing off in a sink, which wasn’t a good use of time for her or the 20 other women waiting with her. She realized that both in fitness and beyond, there was a universal need for a better on-the-go personal care solution.

RECESS is here to define a new normal -- to have excellent personal care products accessible to anyone, anywhere. Our unisex, biodegradable face + body wipe collection does just that. Wellness shouldn't be work and we are happiest knowing that we've made a difference in your day, that we've made you feel so much better. We hope RECESS brings you peace of mind and gives you permission to do the things that truly matter most to you. Make your choice, take your break, make your move -- it’s your #adultrecess. Every day we have the opportunity to make choices, to change, to adapt. RECESS is here to help make healthy habits easier.


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