How we define clean beauty and our "No List"

How we define clean beauty and our
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How RECESS defines clean beauty:
We believe in transparency and wanted to share a bit more on our ingredient philosophy. There are a lot of labels out there: clean, organic, natural, certified organic, paraben-free, and non-toxic, to name a few. To us, clean beauty means making products that feel great when you use them, do what they're supposed to do (aka they work), use ingredients that are healthy for you and approved by the FDA and CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) and eco-conscious.

With all the changes and noise in the industry we know this topic can be confusing. In addition to extensive research, we also partner with multiple dermatologists to ensure everything we include in our products is necessary and healthy. While it’s somewhat of a grey area for the industry, and some ingredients have gotten a bad reputation even though there's no scientific backing, we are here to clear that up and keep you skin clean + healthy!

Ingredients we never use:
Sulfate-based surfactants
Mineral oil
Propylene glycol

Plus our products leave:
No stickiness
No dryness
No residue

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