Moments with Ashley Mills, Co-Founder of obé

Moments with Ashley Mills, Co-Founder of obé
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As women on the go, we know how hard it can be to find time to get to the gym or your favorite workout class. (A.k.a. the inspiration for creating RECESS!) This is where our friend Ashley Mills comes in. She's the co-founder of obé, the best at-home fitness, where all the workouts are 28 minutes or less! We love a good sweaty selfie from our living room floor :) 

What's your daily routine?
Wake up at 6am, take the live obé class at 6:30am, cuddles with my son, take a shower and out the door by 8:30am

What's your favorite healthy habit?
It should be no surprise that I love to workout! I’m all about pushing myself and trying new types of classes. I’m constantly leveling up with increased weight and love watching my progress over time.

What inspired you to start obé? 
My life and responsibilities became increasingly demanding when I became a mother leaving me with a lot less “me time.” I wanted a motivating fitness experience that was challenging, thought provoking, instilled a sense of accountability and most importantly-- something I enjoyed doing!

Favorite workout that's not obé?
I love reformer based Pilates and hot yoga.

Biggest challenge you've face in work or life.
It’s hard for me to slow down. I move at a million miles a minute which is great for productivity but I have to constantly remind myself to turn it off when I’m home with my family.

What inspires you?
Possibility. I really enjoy when I have the time to imagine what is possible.

What's your spirit animal and why?
Jackie from RECESS turned me on to @thisfeelsnice and I feel like that IG account is my spirit animal! It’s super positive and the things that I tell myself when I need a pep talk.

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