6 Creative Activities To Do Together While Apart

6 Creative Activities To Do Together While Apart
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1. Organize your photo albums on your phone. Take the challenge with a friend and or family member and organize photos on your phone, of that person! Pick a time to share the digital scrapbook and text each other fun pics from over the years. Fun way to reminisce and organize, and a great way to pass the time too! 

2. Words with friends. Start reading the dictionary! You can even call yourself a smarty pants.

3. Movie night - schedule a movie night where you watch a movie with friends or family while on Facetime or zoom. Now you just have to decide what you will watch! Binging a new season of your favorite show is an option too ;) Great tip - pick a channel or platform everyone has and then go from there. It will make choosing what to watch a little easier. And when in doubt, go the nature show route. PS - don't forget the popcorn!

4. Instafriends are the best friends. Instagram has a new co-watching feature. So you can browse posts while video chatting. 

5. Make quarantine goals. During this stressful time it's easy to stress about everything. Even making a daily schedule (which is helpful) can seem like not enough. We are making goals to achieve while we are at home to help ourselves and bond with others. Maybe make friend goals, i.e. we will talk for 10 mins each day and discuss something positive. Or clean out one drawer each day and share the progress with friends. This will help you stay on top of your goals, motivate others and keep you feeling productive even when the world feels a little out of control. 

6. Catch up on reading: books, magazines or blogs. We all have that stack of reading material, or bookmarked articles we've been meaning to read. Now is the time to do it and then share what you've learned with friends! 

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