Things to Do to Calm Your Mind During this Uncertain Time

Things to Do to Calm Your Mind During this Uncertain Time
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While being stuck inside and on very different routines than usual, we are all trying to find new activities to stay calm and busy. We now have time to try new things that we've always wanted to do. Here are some ideas that will help you keep calm and carry on.


If you want to let your mind wander or just unplug from social media and TV pick up a book. Grab a kindle, or a hardcover book and sit back, relax and dive in. Here's a versatile reading list we like. 


Everyone is doing it. Baking that is. Now's the time to try that bookmarked recipe you've been saving. We're currently into baking muffins and those mini pancakes you eat like cereal. This is a great time to have a zoom potluck and share your new baking skills. 


I'm sure you can't go one day without seeing a 1,000 piece puzzle on someone's instagram story. But let's be honest they are a perfect way to work together with the people that you are quarantining with or by yourself. Another bonus, these big puzzles can take a few days so you'll have your hands full. 

Meditation or Mindfulness

If you're in your house with your kids or your whole family it could feel crowded and overwhelming at times. If you can spare just 10 minute, sneak away and try meditating. It'll help reduce stress and control anxiety. We like the Headspace app and Catt Yiu but there are tons of options out there or search on YouTube for something that works for you. 

Coloring books

Not just for kids! Whether you are an adult or kid, grab your colored pencils, a coloring book and get to work. It's a surprising way to reduce stress and it's just fun. We encourage coloring outside the lines. 

Zoom Parties

It is so important to keep in touch with friends and family that you are not quarantining with. During this time it can get lonely even with Zoom, FaceTime or Houseparty. Plan a happy hour or virtual game night. It'll help make it feel a little more like life as usual.  

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