Moments with Brooke Meek, Founder of PLNK

Moments with Brooke Meek, Founder of PLNK
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Don't let the non-impact description fool you. PLNK Fitness uses the Lagree Method to create HIIT non-impact workouts that will leave you challenged, dripping in sweat, and feeling your best. Meet founder Brooke Meek, who started PLNK to create this rewarding class after suffering from an injury. You can now find RECESS in their studios in Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

What's your daily routine?
I love sleep! I'm typically in bed around 8:30p and up by 6am. I can't start my day without checking off all my tasks and emails. Around 8a we start the school drop off process and I head to my first sweat. I try to work out once or twice a day. I usually have meetings in the studio and teach a class or two :)

What's your favorite healthy habit?
Does reading count?! I hate television but try to spend an hour or two everyday with a great book.

What inspired you to start PLNK?
I was injured in a CrossFit class and realized that there was nothing in my market that combined the intensity of my favorite HIIT classes with the mindfulness and safety of my favorite yoga class...PLNK is high intensity and no impact. It's the very best workout that exists and there is truly nothing else like it!

Favorite workout that's not your own...
I love a GOOD SoulCycle class. The Class with Taryn Toomey is a very close second.

Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life?
Heading into our biggest year and being mandated to close for 86 days. We reopened June 15 and are so excited to welcome our community back!!

What inspires you?
My PLNK family. We have so many incredible humans on our team - all moving through this life with grace and passion. They inspire me daily.

What's your spirit animal and why?
Elephants. They're intelligent, strong, and powerful. Their wisdom makes them natural leaders...and they are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

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