Moments with Catt Yiu, Yoga and Meditation teacher

Moments with Catt Yiu, Yoga and Meditation teacher
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Meet Catt Yiu. She wears a lot of hats and one of them is as a yoga and meditation teacher! Our founder Jackie worked with Catt at Equinox years ago and can vouch for her spirit! You can follow her on InstagramMindful Chronicles Podcast for short guided meditations and @betimepractice for meditation classes! Definitely check those out and check out a guided meditation and breathing class she did for us on our IGTV! 

We asked her a few questions to learn about what inspires her and her daily routine:

1. What's your daily routine? First thing I do when I wake up is 30 belly breaths in bed. Followed by a hot/cold shower and meditation for 15-20 minutes.

2. What's your favorite healthy habit? My favorite habit as of late is whenever I feel anxious, I bring my focus to my feet. Feeling my feet in my shoes or if I'm at home, feeling the surface of the ground with my toes. This helps me ground and find the present moment.

3. What inspired you to start meditating? I realized that the only time that's important is the here and now. And it is my responsibility to take care of the here and now. Meditation helps me realize this everyday.

4. Favorite workout that's not your own... I like to go for runs and hikes; currently Pilates on Peloton is my favorite.

5. Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life? Biggest challenge is remembering that everything is temporary. When life gets hard, we tend to forget, this too will only last a while.

6. What inspires you? Experiencing and observing kindness and compassion.

7. What's your favorite animal and why? Haha, this is a hard one but it would have to be dogs. They're so wonderfully happy doing whatever they are doing at the moment. So naturally joyful and present.

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