On The Rise: Lily Tendler

On The Rise: Lily Tendler
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We've been lucky enough to work with the internship program at Tulane University. We've worked both remotely and in person for the last few semesters with a range of phenomenal interns. This semester is no different!

Meet Lily Tendler! She is wise beyond her years and we already feel inspired by her. 

1. As a young woman early in your career and finishing up college this semester what are you looking for when you look for jobs? 
There are small elements that matter to me that really build up. I love being immersed in work, I love being able to analyze data and come up with a creative strategy based on those numbers. But above all else, company culture is really important to me. We spend so much of our lives working, I think it’s so important to enjoy the work you’re doing, know you’re working for a brand that cares about you, and to enjoy working with the people around you! I really think a positive company culture breeds increased productivity.

2. Growing up was there something you were particularly good at that you look at and think it helped shape your work ethic or how you approach a project?
Absolutely! I grew up doing over 20 hours a week of elite musical theatre training in conjunction with high school classes. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue theater professionally or go down a different professional path, so I was very dedicated to both my schoolwork and my theatre company. As a result, I definitely became very strong in time management. My high school allowed us to take classes online in exchange for a free period, so I took one language class and one English class so that I’d have a free period at the beginning and end of the day. I’d do all of my work for the online classes over the weekend and then use the free period in the afternoon to leave on the 1-hour drive to dance. I’d get home around 10:30 PM, do homework until 2 AM, and then use my morning free period to sleep in. I also think theater in general teaches really invaluable skills along with time management: how to accept criticism, how to work in a team, professionalism, etc. I certainly carry all of those lessons with me.

3. How do you break up your day while working from home? 
I am a strong believer in the magic of a podcast. I especially love anything true crime (Crime Junkies, anyone?) as I fancy myself a bit of an armchair detective. I haven’t actually solved anything yet, but I am convinced that day is on the near horizon. I love podcasts because I can listen while doing laundry or cleaning up; they make doing chores so much less mundane.

4. What support from other women or mentors do you wish you had? Or questions you'd like answered?
I’ve actually been incredibly lucky to have some incredible female mentors throughout my life so I’m going to shift how I answer this question a little bit. I had one instructor give me this advice that I think about almost every day and think is really helpful: “Will this matter in 10 years? Will this matter in 10 days? Apply your emotional energy accordingly.” And to wash off your makeup and wear sunscreen!

5. If you could give advice to yourself a few years ago what would it be? 
My advice would be to work on yourself in the now so that your future works for you. I think it’s easy to push things off for another day, say no to a workout because it can take so long to see progress, decide to network when you’re closer to applying for a full-time job, etc. Life becomes a lot easier and a lot more rewarding when you change that mentality.

6. What's your RECESS? 
I’m currently in a Broadway workshop, which has been a wonderful way of making sure my vocal abilities stay conditioned. Singing is definitely my reprieve and having any excuse to do so is absolutely my RECESS! I think it’s really important to find at least one hobby about which you feel so passionate, that you can get lost in practice for hours. Singing for me is definitely that hobby, as it feels productive but is also an instant boost of serotonin.


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