What's in my Carry-on bag?

What's in my Carry-on bag?
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Traveling can be stressful and tiring, so it’s important to have an organized carry on bag to keep you relaxed and ready for your travels. We like to pack light, especially when going on a quick get-away. 

  1. RECESS Travel Kit
    This kit is amazing when packing light. It replaces so many bulky cosmetic items and is TSA safe! The aloe wipes are extremely effective and much more convenient and portable than traditional aloe (+ not to mention, much less sticky). Our Bacteria Fighting wipes are great when you first board the plane. This kit also comes with deodorant wipes that help keep you fresh whether you're waiting in the airport or after a flight when a shower isn’t available.
  1. Departures Magazine
    Catching up on some reading while traveling helps make the trip feel shorter and you get to catch up on all the magazines you've been saving Departures Magazine is one of our faves and helps us plan for the next trip.
  1. Tory Burch Coin Purse + Tile
    Of course a wallet is necessary. When traveling, a smaller wallet can be helpful. Not to mention adding a Tile to it ensures you will never lose your most valuable things.
  1. Apple Airpods 
    These Bluetooth headphones are a life-saver. They have an amazing battery life and take up almost no room. Bonus, Airpods can be connected to your iCloud account, so you'll never lose these either. 
  1. RXBar + Banana
    You never really know what snacks will be available on a flight. So packing something healthy that will help keep you energized and satiated is important. Both the RXBar and bananas are easy to throw in a bag. 

Safe travels!

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