Why we use the ingredients we use: Hair Blotters

Why we use the ingredients we use: Hair Blotters
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At RECESS, we put a lot of thought into making sure each product contains clean, quality, and beneficial ingredients that do the work so that you don't have to! The RECESS charcoal hair blotters are a healthier alternative to dry shampoo. Instead of adding powder or spray to your already dirty hair, our hair blotters remove excess oils without damaging hair follicles.

Why we use charcoal

From teeth whitening and face masks to curing hangovers, activated charcoal is all the hype these days, so we decided to research what all the hype was about! Due to charcoal’s powerful toxin-clearing properties, it is the perfect ingredient to draw out impurities, excess oils + naturally deodorizes the hair.

Why we use Hemp

Not only is hemp a nutritious superfood to add to your diet, but also to your skin! This natural ingredient absorbs and nourishes, improving the composition and overall functioning of the skin. It also is a great eco-friendly nontoxic paper alternative!

So, next time you're in a rush and need to freshen up, gently rub a hair blotter on your roots and let the ingredients work their magic!

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