Body 101: Aluminum Free Deodorant Wipes

Body 101: Aluminum Free Deodorant Wipes
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Seriously, raise your hand (no one's looking) if you've ever smelled a little less-than-fresh by the time the afternoon rolled around. Wouldn't you always like to smell like you just showered? That feeling of clean and confident is the inspiration for BODY 101: Deodorant Wipes. These wipes use tea tree leaf oil, chamomile, acai extract and citronellyl methylcrotonate to deodorize and fight stink, as well as sooth the underarm skin. 

Where to store: They're perfect to stash in the obvious places like your gym bag and suitcase, but don't forget about that desk drawer or tote bag. Those 4pm sweats are no joke. Daily life, from commuting to stressful work meetings to school pickup, is sweat-inducing. These deodorant wipes are perfect for all those in-between moments. 

Why we love deodorant wipes: when we re-apply deodorant during the day, or after a workout, we're typically just masking whatever is still sitting in our armpit from earlier in the day (lint, sweat, stick deodorant). The beauty of the wipe format is that it cleanses everything off of your armpit and adds deodorizing properties to protect you from future odor. 

How to use: open the wipe, wipe your underarm like you're cleaning it, gently fold the wipe, and wipe the other underarm. That is IT! You're clean + protected and smelling oh-so-fresh.

Bonus: with all the risks connected to aluminum in deodorants, we're proud to leave that ingredient out. Seriously, putting metal on your body doesn't sound fun.

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