The 101 on Dry Shampoo Alternatives: Charcoal Blotters

The 101 on Dry Shampoo Alternatives: Charcoal Blotters
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The RECESS charcoal hair blotters became a cult favorite overnight. The blotters are a lighter, healthier, spray-less, powder-less option to dry shampoo. The RECESS blotters are made from hemp and charcoal paper that naturally absorb grease, sweat and grime out of your hairline without much effort or room for error. And with no powder they're perfect for all hair types, and without propane and aerosols, they're great for the environment, too!

So, how do I use it
1. Start with one sheet, gently rub your hairline (forehead, and then down around the sides and back of the neck).
2. From there, gently rub your part-line(s). By this point you should definitely notice your sheet is getting darker (that's the oil and grime leaving your hair!).
3. If you're extra sweaty or dirty, use an extra sheet or two. 

So, how many sheets should I use?
1 sheet: day-old hair, a little touch-up post commuting, after a flight
2 sheets: moderate workout, visible sweat, two-day old hair
3 sheets: dripping sweat (we suggest a quick towel dry first, if your hair is actually wet).

Tip: We find dabbing is fine but gentle rubbing is more effective.


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