The healing properties and how to apply aloe vera

The healing properties and how to apply aloe vera
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With all the buzz in health and wellness, magical ingredients, superfoods, dusts, and adaptogens, it's reassuring to be able to double-down on one of the oldest super plants that's been used for thousands of years due to its incredible healing properties. Even the recent trend in drinkable bottled aloe water is notable. Since Aloe is in 80% of RECESS wipe products - especially our dedicated aloe wipe - and sunburn prevention and skin health are always top of mind, we wanted to share everything we know about Aloe. There are lots of types of aloe plants, but aloe vera is the most prominent for skin care.

A few fun facts: 
  1. It's from the Liliaceae family and grows in dry climates. It's a succulent and should be cared for as such. Think about the desert, and mimicking those conditions. Dry air, warmth, a little shade, and sporadic water. 
  2. While the plant appears to be simple, a leaf with gooey gel inside that feels cool and squishy on dry skin and is 96% water, it actually contains 75 potentially active constituents: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids, amino acids, vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E, which are antioxidants. It also contains vitamin B12, folic acid, and choline. Literally a superplant.
  3. They can grow to be roughly 3 feet tall
  4. Aloe is an excellent low maintenance house plant. 
  5. Cleopatra reportedly used aloe vera gel as part of her beauty ritual.
How to apply aloe vera
Most people think of aloe after an unfortunate sunburn. Aloe treats redness, inflammation, irritated skin and makes skin feel calmer, cooler, and moisturized. We've all used those spray-on aloe products which stick to skin like gum, and those goopy not-sure-if-this-is-actually-aloe gels that are goopy, sticky and hard to apply.

The RECESS aloe wipe makes it so much easier to treat your skin in your time of need. Just open the wipe, gently wipe over affected areas (safe for face + body) and you'll start to see redness reducing within hours. Aloe heals the outer layer of the skin allowing the skin to get back to healthy quickly. Check out this before and after:

RECESS before after aloe wipe results

No matter what you choose, and whether your skin is sunburned or just chapped or dry, give aloe vera a try. With it's extra benefits of anti-aging and acne treatment, you've got nothing to lose! 

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