Moments with Katye Stanzak, Founder of Project Physique

Moments with Katye Stanzak, Founder of Project Physique
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We love getting to know Katye who founded Project Physique in Summit, New Jersey! Her bubbly energy and commitment to making all her clients feel comfortable and welcome, is totally our speed.  You can now find RECESS in her studio! 

What's your daily routine? 
Wake up…..try to figure out a cute way to wear yet, another PONYTAIL!!!! Coffee……CARPOOL……KICK ASS CLASSES at Project Physique!

What's your favorite healthy habit? 
Theory of Kombucha Raspberry-lemonade ENERGY drink in the afternoon. Perfect way to perk up and get probiotics in too!

What inspired you to start Project Physique? 
Years of teaching and being a witness to what is lacking in the fitness world. The world was lacking a fitness setting that is INCLUSIVE, not exclusive. A place that welcomes you with open arms and teaches to its clients on an individual scale. A place that CELEBRATES differences and encourages taking risks. A place that feels like a fitness party/ A girls trip that involves sweat/a big hug? It sounds silly, but that is exactly what it is. We welcome all people and cater to all levels of fitness. While the actual classes and their fitness content are key, the vibe and feeling a sense of belonging are a priority.
Favorite workout that's not your own? 

Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life
Being a role model for my children. It is the most important thing in the world for me to show them how imperfect life is. Then how to embrace those imperfections with a brave face and strong sense of self.

What inspires you?
As cheesy as it sounds…… the energy in the room during our classes. It is hard not to feel larger than life when you are surrounded with dedicated clients who put their trust into you and grow/change & connect in a space you provided.

What's your spirit animal and why?
FLAMINGO!!!!!! Which is funny because I HATE birds. To me they are unique & exotic with the right amount of spunk!

#myrecess is Cycling…… it makes me feel powerful.

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