Fight Dirty: Facts about bacteria and facial cleansing wipes

Fight Dirty: Facts about bacteria and facial cleansing wipes
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We're going to drop some knowledge, bacteria knowledge. Scientifically, bacteria is a living organism, a single cell, which lives everywhere. Most bacteria is good, like the kind that balances your gut health. But there's plenty of bacteria that doesn't fall into that category, especially the kinds that give us a cold, or make our skin break out. Adult acne, amirite? 

Did you know bacteria (the bad breakout kind) starts growing 20 minutes after you break a sweat? Think about that. When you're on your morning commute and start sweating on a subway platform, but you just did your makeup so you don't want to wash your face at the office, your skin spends the day growing bacteria. Or when you finish a spin class, and hop in the car to pick up your kids, get stuck in a little traffic, and then make a pit stop at the grocery store. By the time you're home and hopping in the shower, that bacteria is already having a party on your face.

It's not always practical to wash your face at your office, or shower after your spin class. Life is busy. Which is exactly why RECESS offers a bacteria-fighting face wipe. Our formula has ingredients like witch hazel, green tea extract, green apple extract and panthenol to treat skin, as well as add moisture and rejuvenation, while preventing and inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. It's lightly scented like cucumber and green tea and is the perfect accessory for a camping trip, your kids school bags, a picnic basket, your gym bag, suitcase or frankly, your pocket on a hot summer day. While it's effective at germ-fighting, it's still safe for all skin types, and dermatologist approved. If you like the sound of this, but want something a touch on the gentler side, check out the original RECESS face cleansing wipe, Face 101.


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