Moments with Scarlet Abramson

Moments with Scarlet Abramson
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NYC-via-Miami girl Scarlet keeps it healthy whether she's at the beach or in the city hustling. Between work, working out, family, friends + her pup, it can be hard to stay balanced. She has a lot of in-between moments and inspires us to keep it all in check. You go girl.

Daily Routine
Wake up, stretch, make my green smoothie, grab a coffee, head to work, come home, do something active (literally anything from a Barry's class to walking my dog), dinner, me time (as unplugged as possible).
Favorite healthy habit
My green smoothie - it kickstarts my morning and keeps me going all day! I used to dread it, but now I crave it every morning when I wake up.
Biggest challenge you’ve faced
Finding balance between work and life. Before I learned how important it is to take time for myself, I was letting work consume my life. I was miserable and knew I had to make a change. 
I realized that stepping away from my laptop for an hour or two a day to do something for myself makes such a big difference. I think it actually makes me more productive once I'm able to reset and clear my head!
What inspires you?
My mom! When I was growing up she was a single parent and such a go-getter, it inspires me to work hard everyday.
Spirit animal and why 
Probably a cat - I love to stretch and nap in the sun
#myrecess is sitting in the sunshine

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