What are the in-between moments?

What are the in-between moments?
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The increasing use of technology is changing the way our days are structured. We're always connected, always working, always playing. We want to see our friends, travel, spend time with family, have fulfilling careers, stay healthy by cooking and working out, and so much more. This integrated lifestyle is what brought us to form RECESS: focusing on the challenges of having so many in-between moments peppered throughout the day. It might be a mad dash when you're strapped for time, or just trying to squeeze in one extra thing. Some of the moments we hear the most about:

  • A workout class at 6pm but a work dinner at 7pm. No time for a shower. Quick wipe of the face, and quick wipe of the armpits.
  • Heading straight to a business meeting from the airport. Need we say more? 
  • Slept through the alarm and have to rush to work, with greasy hair. Rub that Hair 101 right through that hairline as you dash out the door.
  • Taking an extra moment to check out those shoes, halfway across town. 
  • You’re running errands with a party soon. Need to get that lip sweat off your face.
  • You’re working late + heading straight to a date then the Daily Kit is your jam.

Think of us in the next time you’re making the transition from cubicle-you to the dinner-party-you. Or the next time you want to go from athletic-gym-rat-you to sleek-professional-you, or errand-runner-you to date-night-you…

These are your in-between moments. Let us help you navigate this moment + all the rest. 

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