How to use hair blotters

How to use hair blotters
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So, you've never used a hair blotter? We hadn't either before we made our own.

What: a healthier replacement for dry shampoo. Naturally removes grease, sweat and oil without any added powder, aerosols or spray. Good for you and mother nature.

When to use them: anytime your hair feels less than "clean". Whether that's after a workout, preserving a blowout, mid-commute, or just skipping an extra day between washes because you can, these blotters adapt to your schedule.

Why we love them: the natural hemp and charcoal paper format makes it lightweight and portable for travel. Charcoal deodorizes and detoxifies while hemp absorbs.

The ingredients that make it work: clean and simple. Hemp + charcoal. Maximum benefits without the fuss.

Two tips: 1. Make sure your hair is dry. Even if you worked out and were sweating, use a towel to get most of the moisture out (just like you would before using regular dry shampoo). 2. The closer you get to the scalp and roots, the more grease you'll get out. You'll see the grease that comes out too.

How to use: take a hair blotter out of the pack. Expose your part to reveal your scalp and gently rub the exposed scalp with the blotter to get the grease out. You'll see the blotter get darker which means it's working! Keep moving sections of your hair to expose more scalp and roots and gently rub each section. Some common areas where grease and oil like to hang out are by your temples / ears, and the back of your neck so don't forget those spots. Depending on your activity level, the number of days since your last shampoo, and your hairs' natural state, you may use 1-3 sheets per use. 

Bonus: grab a friend and take the "I-didn't-wash-my-hair-for-a-week-challenge". 

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