Moments with Armande Alexandra, Designer and Creative Director

Moments with Armande Alexandra, Designer and Creative Director
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We love supporting female entrepreneurs. Kind, stylish and twenty-five, Armande Alexandra is just getting started. Armande believes in fluid and convertible design with a sustainable approach and recently launched ARMANDE. (check it out!) Her debut capsule collection The Art of Lazy is an unconventional homage to her home town of New Orleans, Louisiana, along with her interest in exploring the layers and juxtaposition of individuality and society. We were obviously intrigued to learn more! 
What's your daily routine?
I TRY to wake up about three hours prior to the time I need to be somewhere (word to Obama), so once I'm awake, I say my prayers and read my daily devotion, check my texts/emails, make my bed, exfoliate, brush my teeth, moisturize, take my vitamins, drink water and half a bottle of kombucha, turn on music, heat up some oatmeal with crunchy peanut butter, bananas, and walnuts (swap for avocado or peanut butter toast some days), eat, and start my day. I also try to fit in an hour-long work out before breakfast or in the evening.
What's your favorite healthy habit?
Drinking water and green tea! It affects so much and can determine the direction of each day for me.
What inspired you to start ARMANDE? 
Honestly, I've always known I would have my own brand, just didn't know when. I figured I would come to New York after graduating and use my internship experience to land a job in design, grow with a company, and eventually branch off on my own, but it wasn't that easy. I grew tired of what felt like a lack of creative opportunity, so I gave it to God and created my own.
Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life?
Self-motivation. I felt I was always intrinsically motivated until literally nothing was outlined or head started for me. Being told "no" is what eventually motivated me to go out and take what I wanted, as opposed to waiting.
What inspires you?
Life, nature, art/artists, New Orleans, shapes, music, history, my loved ones, strong women of color, literature, experiences, feelings.
Finish this sentence: #myrecess is 
#myrecess is sunbathing on a white sand beach with a glass of rosé.

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