Moments with Shelley Lenz, Founder of DROP

Moments with Shelley Lenz, Founder of DROP
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While Las Vegas may be most well known for The Strip, The Bellagio Fountains and the grand entertainment, there's also an incredible wellness community just outside of downtown. Shelley Lenz is the Founder of DROP in Vegas, a combo athleisure + infrared sauna experience that sets itself apart with expert curation and sauna sessions. As a busy working mom, we are so inspired by her willingness to try something new, the balance she instills for her family, and her commitment to healthy living. You can now officially find RECESS at DROP!

What's your daily routine?
I have an 8 and 10 year old so I either get up before them and sneak out the door for a 6am bootcamp or yoga session, then rush back home and get the kids going for school with breakfast and pack snacks, always make fresh veggie juice for my husband and I, then run out the door to go open the store (DROP Sauna Studio + AthletiCouture) or the days I don’t open, I get take advantage of the little extra sleep and go get my workout in after I drop them off, then go in to work. We have a very active family so after work it’s playing taxi driver! Getting my son to hockey and/or football/baseball/basketball/guitar lessons (all depends on the season 😜) and my daughter to dance/acro tumbling/aerial silks. Dinner and homework some nights can be a bit on the run but whenever possible we all sit down as a family together and do homework, then eat together. I love that tradition as that’s when we get to catch up as a family. I’m usually on dishes duty as my hubby likes to cook when he is in town. From there I snuggle up in the couch and let the kids pick one of their favorite TV shows, then it’s off to bed for reading with the kids. Once they are down I usually try and catch up on some housework and if I didn’t get in a workout I will hop on the Peloton before I cleanup and hit the sack!

What's your favorite healthy habit?
Making and drinking fresh juice first thing in the morning. My last gulp is where I always add in my LivOn Labs Vitamin C and glutathione. Starts my day off right!

What inspired you to start DROP?
I have always been active in my life from infancy to today and been inspired by all things health and wellness. I had been in the hospitality industry as a partner in a hotel management company and traveled a ton. With small kids and a husband who also travels every week I was running out of steam. When I was faced with the choice of taking over the management company (which would require more travel to grow and develop it) or to turn a new leaf I knew it was the right time. My now business partner had recently introduced me to infrared, which I fell in love with, and when I told her my idea of opening a boutique athletic/athleisure apparel store she threw the idea out of opening an infrared sauna studio. We both wanted to share things we love and make them more accessible. It was then we fused the two concepts together and DROP was conceived!

Favorite workout?
Oh my goodness, that’s impossible to pick a favorite. I am a firm believer that our minds and bodies thrive when challenged in different ways. I love mixing bootcamp (where I push heavy weights and kettlebells) with yoga, aerial silks, stand-up paddle board, Pilates and sand volleyball. I love it all!!

Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life?
Making the choice to take an opportunity to own and run an established business to venture into something completely unknown and start a new business unlike anything I have ever done before and that is very new to the market.

What inspires you?
I am very inspired by competition, success, the people that I come in contact with everyday. I am inspired by the challenges that so many people face and the strength they have to get through them. I am also inspired by my children and their persistence, determination and love for live!

What's your spirit animal and why?
I would say the sea turtle. They are slow moving in earth yet incredibly fast and agile in the water. The turtle is symbolic of the way of peace, determination and persistence with emotional strength and understanding. The turtle also carries its home meaning it feels at ease wherever it is. 😊

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working out!!!

DROP: 10740 S Eastern Ave #150, Henderson, NV 89052

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