Moments with Bevin Price, Cycling Instructor Extraordinaire

Moments with Bevin Price, Cycling Instructor Extraordinaire
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From Bevin's love of sleep to exercise and yes, a little sugar, she is a woman after our own heart, because hey, it's all about balance, right? As a former SoulCycle instructor (you can still find her on the SoulCycle at-home) who recently relocated to her hometown in North Carolina, we can't wait to follow her journey as an entrepreneur, and not just because our brands have the same name :) 

1. What's your daily routine?

Well, we just launched Recess By Bevin Prince so it is nonstop and different every single day. There are a few tried and true things that happen every day but not necessarily in this order and I am working on all things Recess in between these things. I am constantly on the move. First, I usually eat a little sugar. I know it is horrible, but I love it and it wakes me up. DONT JUDGE ME. Then water, coffee, a proper breakfast, emails, and a list of things to prioritize that day. I hand write it out because it is satisfying to me to cross it off. Work. I cycle and/or cross train with Megan Roup, 6 times a week. (I think I just answered questions #2) Work. Lunch always happens somewhere in there. More work. Shower. Then dinner, wine, and a little bit of TV. And maybe a little more work.

2. What's your favorite healthy habit?
I changed my mind... It is sleep. I get a bare minimum of 7 hours a sleep a night but really prefer 8. If I have less than 7, I am guaranteed to have some sort of unnecessary meltdown... it is not good for anyone involved.

3. What inspired you to start Recess?
I want to give the place I call home a community, SAFELY, during a time when have been stripped of a lot of the ways we connect.

4. Favorite workout that's not your own...
Megan Roup's Sculpt Society

5. Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life?
Really learning how to ask for what I want and deserve without guilt.

6. What inspires you?
MUSIC and connection

7. What's your favorite animal and why? A dog. Dogs love fiercely and unconditionally. Their excitement for life and every aspect of it is inspiring. You come home, you wake up, you eat, you run, you play and ALL of it is a celebration. 

#myrecess is getting lost in the music on a bike. It grounds me, reminds me of my strength, and re-energizes me!


*Photo credit: Brake Through Media

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