Moments with Paige Garrett, Wellness Coach

Moments with Paige Garrett, Wellness Coach
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"The most important part is finding joy and discovering what truly nourishes you - both on your plate and off. The rest just falls into place." Meet Paige Garrett! She is a certified integrative health coach and we had the pleasure of getting to know her better. She is also on our IGTV taking us through a great recipe for the holidays so check that out too! 

1. What's your daily routine?
I think quarantine/working from home has been an interesting transition for us all. I went from being out-and-about from 5:00am – 10pm to being at home most of the time! I usually wake up around 7:30am (my alarm is always set for 7, but I am the biggest snooze fiend!). I like to start my day by moving my body in some way – it's the best way to wake me up. I love the ladies and livestream classes at Jane Do (where I used to teach!) and have also been doing a lot of yoga/stretching. Listening to your body is so important!

Then it's a green juice, double espresso with oat milk, and I'm off to the races! I wear a lot of hats during the day – I'm a full time New Business & Marketing Director at a PR/Social agency, have a health coach business, and also work with the incredible team at beRevolutionarie. While my days are busy, I've been pretty good (recently!) at stopping work around 6/630 to ensure I get a healthy home cooked dinner and some me time – you can't do it all if you aren't taking care of you first!

2. What's your favorite healthy habit?
Prioritizing healthy home cooked foods! I know it can seem super time consuming and daunting, but no matter HOW busy I am, I stop to make myself breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating my own prepared real wholesome foods (in truly delicious ways!) has completely changed my life, my energy levels, and my wallet (LOL!). I think nourishing our bodies is the most powerful form of self care – food is literally our fuel and the coolest thing about that is that we have complete (healthy) control over what we decide to put into our bodies. If I had a 6am flight, I would literally be that person to wake up at 3am to make myself a preflight juice, smoothie, oatmeal bowl, salad, sandwich, etc. to bring with me instead of making poor airport choices. 

There are lots of yummy recipes on my website ( and within the beRevolutionaire platform, with more coming soon!

3. What inspired you to become an integrative health coach?
We all have our own health journeys and mine started pretty young. I grew up as a competitive dancer and was always obsessed with food. While my food obsession was totally in a healthy way – I genuinely LOVED exploring new foods, cooking, dining out, etc. – there was always a sense of guilt, exchange, or shame tied to what I ate (e.g. – I can have this pizza because we were at rehearsal for 3 hours or if I control what I eat M-F, I can eat whatever I want on the weekends, etc). These rules or restraints are shared by the majority of women I've coached, met, and known.  

A few years ago I was sick for a few months during the winter season and after rounds of antibiotics, subsequent stomach issues, being single, living alone and stuck at home 24/7, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started cooking in new ways, adding IN more abundant, antioxidant/mineral/vitamin rich foods into my diet, and literally never felt better. Something in me suddenly snapped at that time and I realized that food doesn't need to be obsessive, controlled, or measured. If you're nourishing your body properly while simultaneously LIVING your life, enjoying what you eat and your experiences around food (tacos + margaritas do count!!), the stress and shame that is culturally ingrained in us as all as women will slowly fade. You realize what foods you like, how you feel when you eat those foods, when it's time to splurge and feel totally okay doing so. No diet, no calorie content, no weird food fads or stressful rules/restraints. 

Following my own personal journey, I decided to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and helping other women understand their own bodies and how to let go of their "control" around food has lit me up ever since!! 

4. Favorite workout?
Jane Do Dance Your A$$ Off – it is the MOST fun and in 50 minutes I'm always drenched (and somehow, ALWAYS sore!). 

5. Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life
Balancing all the things! We live in a time where we all want to do so much and while it's admirable, it can also be extremely daunting and tiresome. Living for today while fighting for the future you want is a juggling act, but remembering to take care of yourself along the way – mentally, physically, and emotionally – is so so important. 

6. What inspires you?
Tomorrow! My clients! Helping others! My mom! 

7. What's your spirit animal and why?
Does Erika Jayne count? 

#myrecess is NOURISHMENT.

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