Moments with Christina Calamia, Founder of SWEAT Nola

Moments with Christina Calamia, Founder of SWEAT Nola
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Our founder, Jackie, went to Tulane in New Orleans so we were so excited to partner with Christina, the owner of local active fashion destination, SWEAT Nola. Her boutique is full of fresh finds, our favorite brands, and her charming personality makes us want to visit asap. You can now find RECESS at SWEAT!

What's your daily routine?
My daily routine usually consists of waking up pretty early and either reading, getting a quick workout in, or some type of work, learning, or training. I'm the type that likes to know how to do everything myself, even if I never have to, so I try to gain as much knowledge as possible. Since my nights can be pretty late, I feel that getting these things done in the morning sets my day on a better path. I then head to the store to start preparing for the day. I'm a one-woman show so the earlier I can get organized and get some business out the way, the better I am able to interact with my customers when they come through the doors. I end the day with a workout if I didn't get one in the morning (or I try to, we know how that goes some days). My nights are pretty chill. My fiancé and I usually cook dinner and binge whatever show we're into at the moment. I like to turn the business switch off as much as possible once I'm home for the evening. 

What's your favorite healthy habit?
I know there are a lot of people out there who cannot stand the taste, but I think my morning apple cider vinegar is my favorite healthy habit. I like to think I have a few, but I actually enjoy the taste of ACV so I look forward to it in the mornings. 

What inspired you to start SWEAT in New Orleans?
I quickly fell in love with so many stylish workout brands that I found online. I felt like when I looked super cute I really did have a much better workout, because I felt confident. I also saw a surge of fitness boutiques and gyms in the city so I felt what better idea than to share my love of fashionable workout attire with the rest of Nola. 

Favorite workout?
My favorite workout has always been barre but I've lately gotten into dance cardio classes. I used to be a dancer so I assume that’s why I’m more attracted to and enjoy these workouts!

Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life?
Although I've detailed an extensive morning routine in the first question, daily routines have been my biggest challenge. Going from my corporate job where I had the same routine every day to a completely different work schedule that allowed me lots of free time in the mornings really threw me off. I slept in late, stressed during the time I was at the store, and stressed again at night trying to do all the things needed. Finally getting into some sort of routine has definitely helped me streamline my day, but it took me a long time to get there and some days can still be a struggle. When you don't have someone telling you what to do every day it's easy to slack off some days. Routine has been my key, and I'm still working towards it so my life can be as balanced as possible. I’m also planning a wedding and building a house while in the first year of owning my business so without routine and balance I’m pretty sure failure would be an option. 

What inspires you?
Women. I know, maybe a little cliché. But really, the world of social media has allowed us to connect and learn about so many people and things we didn't realize were out there before. I am totally inspired by other boss babes doing boss things. It's totally admirable and I can only hope I inspire someone to follow their dream one day. 

What's your spirit animal and why?
I don’t think I have a spirit animal per se, but I have always been attracted to elephants and horses for their symbolic meaning in other cultures. I have probably one too many horse and elephant figurines throughout my house and business. Actually, I just went and counted and I have 4 elephants in the store currently! So I guess we can say those are the closest thing to my spirit animals!

#myrecess is quality time with a glass of wine!

SWEAT: 6023 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

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