The dry winter skin struggle

The dry winter skin struggle
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Winter skin is real. That dry, cracked, flakey, peeling, red skin is the worst. Skin takes an extra beating with increased exposure to the elements from skiing or snowboarding, or just walking around during a polar vortex. Here are a few ways to manage in winter and take care of yourself inside and out. 

1. Take yourself to the tropics. Well, not exactly the tropics, but try an infrared sauna that will make you feel like you're on a toasty, steamy beach somewhere. Infrared heat is based on heating the body from the outside using the infrared spectrum. They use invisible wavelengths that feel like the sun does when it "warms" you. These are popping up all over the US and for good reason. They're an excellent way to detox, rejuvenate tired muscles, and so much more. One of our favorites is Higher Dose which is expanding through their own, and Equinox, locations. Extra bonus: they make a blanket you can use at-home! 

2. Extra nourishment to tone down inflammation from the inside. We love being able to treat external issues with internal solutions. From skin issues, to energy, to redness and other inflammation, we love drinking both bone broth + turmeric tea to keep inflammation at bay. Try GOLDE for a delicious turmeric latte (recipes on their site) or BrothMasters Bone Broth. A mother/daughter team with an exceptionally tasty, homemade small batch bone broth who ship nationwide. If you're in NYC we love popping into Good Stock (or order delivery), and in LA, Erewhon has a whole selection of broths.

3. Treat your entire skin care routine like a fountain of moisture. From moisture masks to aloe to gentler cleansers, take it easy on your skin in winter. If you typically use an acid exfoliant, try reducing the frequency. If you typically use a lotion, maybe upgrade to a cream or add a drop or two of face oil into your lotion. Moisturize morning + evening and squeeze in a moisture mask at least 1x weekly. Aloe is a super charged moisturizer so if you want something for on-the-go, try the RECESS aloe wipe.

4. Drink water! Whatever you normally drink, up it by 1-2 glasses/day. Between dry heat and dry air, your body needs more even though it's cold out and it may seem counterintuitive. 

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