Moments with Kelly Sheerins

Moments with Kelly Sheerins
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We have a sweet spot for Kelly. Yes, she is one of our fitness models but we have taken her SoulCycle classes and she makes you work for it! Kelly was sweet enough to fill us in on her life.

Daily Routine:

Wake up.

Try not to check my phone right away (usually fail).

Eat breakfast


Make the bed

Teach at SoulCycle either in the morning or the evening

Spend the day checking in with instructors, making playlists, researching music, taking / teaching classes, working with the training/development team.

Write at some point. I have been trying to write as much as possible, maybe not every day but perhaps every other so that I keep the momentum going for a writing project I am working on.

My husband is a wonderful cook so we usually have dinner together at home (I know I am lucky).

Read or watch HGTV to relax before bed.

Depending on the day, meditate again before sleep.

Favorite healthy habit


Biggest challenge you’ve faced

Overcoming and managing anxiety.

What inspires you?

Kindness, authenticity, empathy, music, dance, art, good people, honesty.

Spirit animal and why

This is the hardest question because it depends on the day. If you mean actual animals I would say I could be a sloth, dolphin or horse depending on the day.

If you meant "spirit animal" in the sense of what person is your spirit animal that is an easy one....Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine.

#myrecess is... getting lost in a good book. 

#Myrecess is lighting a candle and sitting down to write every time inspiration comes my way.  

#Myrecess is music.  

#Myrecess is spending time with people I trust.  

#Myrecess is taking naps with my pup Penny.

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