What's in your bag? We asked our founder, Jackie

What's in your bag? We asked our founder, Jackie
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Our founder and CEO lives in the in-between moments and calls the sidewalk her office. Besides RECESS, she has some other go-to's, making sure she can take care of herself while sprinting between meetings (there's a reason she's usually spotted in sneakers).

1. Snacks. KIND bars and RX bars are faves (RX just came out with nut butters too!). Ziploc bags of "pantry" foods are also a good way to mix it up: almonds, cereal, popcorn, pretzels, or a mix of lots of things. She likes carrying snacks with a mix of fat, protein and fiber. Plus the Sakara Life detox tea for a little wellness break.

2. S'well water bottle. It keeps water cold for 24 hours and staying hydrated is so important to energy throughout the day. Plus the designs are so cute.

3. Chargers. Because, some device is always showing that red battery bar and a single-digit number.

4. Headphones. She carries two pairs. For efficiency, Jackie takes a lot of meetings while walking between meetings and headphones make it easier to take notes on her phone while chatting and walking. 10,000 steps a day is a breeze.

5. Emergency items and supplies (these usually get used by other people before Jackie ends up needing them). Band-aids, Advil, tampons, hair-ties, lip balm (at least 3 different ones, her favorite one is now only available in Greece), mascara, RECESS wipes obviously, perfume sample, bobby pins, pens and post-its.

6. An extra, lightweight tote bag in case of a last minute delivery.

7. Pen + paper! Call her old school, but it's so fun to put the screens down and just write the old-fashioned way sometimes. 

Show us what you carry in your bag and tag #myrecess #mybag, and we'll share our favorites on the RECESS Instagram! 

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