Moments with Kendyl Lynch, Studio Owner of Barre3 South Tampa

Moments with Kendyl Lynch, Studio Owner of Barre3 South Tampa
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Getting to know motivated, outgoing people is always inspiring. Throw into the mix that person being a fitness studio owner and you have to know more! We connected with Kendyl Lynch, Barre3 South Tampa Studio Owner and were excited to hear about her routine and healthy habits! You can also find RECESS there for the post-sweat portion of your day : ) 

What's your daily routine?
Right now, my daily routine is a bit different! My studio is under construction and preparing to be open in the fall, so my day consists of ensuring we are on track with the construction schedule, teaching community free classes to begin building a community, training my founding instructor and guest experience team, social media content creation and anything else that comes my way! I cannot wait to welcome everyone into our beautiful studio space soon, so my goal everyday is figuring out what I need to prioritize in order to have a successful and exciting grand opening!

What's your favorite healthy habit?

Morning movement! It's not always feasible, but I like to recommend at least a few stretches to awaken the body. Of course, if you have the time for a full workout, a barre3 workout will leave you feeling energized, balanced in body & empowered from within! Trust me!!

What is it about the Barre3 that you like? and what brought you to open your own studio?
Barre3 is more than a workout, it's a community that prioritizes how you feel in your body. There is a sense of warmth and inclusion in every studio welcoming you without judgement. I love barre3 because it was unlike anything else I've tried before. The class is a full-body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio & mindfulness. I'm constantly challenged, while encouraged to make the workout my own. We praise modifications in our class, it's an essential aspect of the instructor training program. Long story short, we're here for you if you have previous injuries or maybe your body needs to take it slower that day. We make sure every client is honoring their body during their workout, leaves feeling successful & emphasizes gratitude for their body.

Biggest challenge you've faced in work or life?
While I'm in the beginning of this career, I've really enjoyed my journey so far as a studio owner. The process has taught me more than I could have imagined. The biggest challenge has been being patient with the process. There is a ton that is out of my control.

What inspires you?
So MUCH. Right now, the clients that come to my community free classes, new and returning. I am teaching classes all for free until I open. It is not financially rewarding, but it is SO emotionally rewarding. It reminds me day in and day out why I am doing what I'm doing. I love to move as one with others and see them feel successful, empowered, strong, balanced and so much more after class. There is so much JOY in moving together! I've had multiple people ask me how they can compensate me for classes and my answer is always "keep coming to class if you feel good and enjoy. it.. and bring your friends!" If you're reading this and you've come to my class before, you're my inspiration! If you haven't yet, come try a class and let me know you read this blog!!

#MYRECESS is going to the beach...specifically Siesta Key! Although it's not something I can do all the time, it is SO relaxing. I am instantly smiling. If not the beach, a glass of wine with fresh air will do!!

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