Moments with Jessica Richards, Founder of SHEN BEAUTY

Moments with Jessica Richards, Founder of SHEN BEAUTY
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This hustling, working mom has her days planned down to the minute. She's the founder of SHEN BEAUTY, a beauty industry consultant and buyer for major retailers (+ other brands). Balancing multiple jobs, her kids and frequent travel, her commitment to health and wellness is inspiring!

What's your daily routine?
My daily routine differs due to my constant traveling so I will go with when I'm actually in NYC.

6am wake up

  • Make my coffee with organic half and half (no fake milk for me).
  • Make my kids lunches and start on breakfast, it is usually waffles for breakfast
  • Weed through some emails and check my calendar so I have an idea of my day ahead

6:45am make sure my kids are awake
This is not always easy. They need to get dressed, brush their teeth and have shoes on and tied before sitting to breakfast or getting on phones/ipads/apple watches.

7:25am get to the bus
An alarm goes off and we gather ourselves and walk to the bus.

Bus picks them up and I head home.

Respond to emails that came in over the course of the night and send some emails to my team in Philly.

Walk to SoulCycle.

SoulCycle, getting out of my head is of utmost importance to me for setting my day right.

Run home to take a shower while checking emails and getting ready for my meetings.

Between 10am and 3pm on Wednesdays + Thursdays I take meetings or sit and work all day.

Pick kids up from the bus and do homework, bath, dinner, bed with them then once they are asleep I usually go back to any emails I need to do from the missed hours.

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday I usually work until about 10pm as I have so much going on it's hard to stop. 11pm is usually bedtime for me.

What's your favorite healthy habit?

  • Either SoulCycle or Forward Space are like church to me.
  • Healthy habit I would say is trying to keep in shape as it always makes me feel better after, no matter how tired I am.
  • I also always have nuts in my bag for when I get the hangry feeling.

What's most exciting to you in the beauty industry?
Every day is so different it's hard to say one thing but for two things I would say meeting new vendors with a strong point of view and a great brand. The other would be learning new things about the business that I hadn’t known or been involved with prior. That’s what excites me. I get complacent in my role when I know how to do it already, it just becomes to easy and I need a new challenge.

Favorite workout.
Forward Space and SoulCycle

Biggest challenge you face in work or life
Balance between work, kids, personal, travel…I have no balance.

What inspires you?
Life and my kids, I get easily inspired but I think in terms of work when I look at my life I want to work harder, try harder, be better not just for me but for my kids.

What's your spirit animal and why?
I would love to say dolphin, happy and jumping all the time but it's not and to be honest I don’t think I have one.

#myrecess is sleep

SHEN BEAUTY:  315 Court St., Brooklyn, NY

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