How to use our deodorant wipe

How to use our deodorant wipe
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So, you've never used a deodorant wipe? We hadn't either before we made our own.

What: deodorant in a wipe, yes it's true and it works! 

Why we love them: the single-use biodegradable format makes it lightweight and portable for travel. Because of its format it cleans first and removes whatever is on the surface of your armpit, and then deodorizes for the rest of your day.

How to use: whether you use the wipe in the morning as your daily deodorant, after a workout, mid-flight, or to freshen up post-work/pre-dinner, the process is the same. Open the wipe sachet and unfold the wipe. If you have stick deodorant residue, we recommend wiping the residue off with one side of the wipe, and then using the other side for an extra layer of protection. If you don't have residue on your underarm, gently wipe each underarm a few times. Compost the wipe when you're done.

The ingredients that make it work: most importantly it's aluminum-free! Tea Tree Oil and Citronellyl Methylcrotonate neutralize odor, Acai Extract revitalizes skin with powerful antioxidants, and Chamomile soothes + smooths.

Bonus: lightly scented with coconut and verbena (aka the beach), but not so much that it leaves you perfumed or overly-scented, just a hint.

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