Moments with Christina Pazcoguin from SLT Hamptons

Moments with Christina Pazcoguin from SLT Hamptons
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We all want to push ourselves, mentally and physically, and we've found that SLT does just that. SLT fuses Pilates, cardio, and strength training into a workout that kicks some serious butt. We had a chance to sync up with badass Hampton's SLT Manager + Instructor Christina Pazcoguin and asked her a few questions.

What's your Daily Routine?
It can definitely vary being a fitness instructor, BUT generally water and coffee in the AM, followed by a workout and some work related emails. Then I'm generally teaching classes at SLT. Followed by an evening walk with my pup and always a yummy dinner! I'm also currently managing our Hamptons SLT studios.

What's your favorite healthy habit? 
Kombucha - I have a problem. 😋

What's your favorite thing about SLT? 
It’s so hard. You just can’t cheat on the Megaformer. You are literally working for 50 minutes straight.

What inspires you? 
Watching people step outside their comfort zones. Witnessing empathy and kindness.

What's your spirit animal and why?
This is so hard. I’m going to go with a Scorpion, which is my horoscope sign. I know what you’re thinking... BUT Scorpios are the only sign that have 3 totems. The 3rd phase is a Phoenix and how can I not want to aspire to that!?

#myrecess is meditation or walking my black lab 💕

RECESS will be at the SLT Hamptons studios on Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1. Work hard, sweat it out and then reset with RECESS.
E. Hampton: 460 Pantigo Road, Unit 1
Southampton: 15 Hill Street

BONUS: We have a few spots reserved for RECESS fans in classes that weekend, so DM us on Instagram with your #myrecess to win a spot! 

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