What inspired our look? Meet photographer Alisha Tova

What inspired our look? Meet photographer Alisha Tova
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When we were creating RECESS we needed a photographer who could capture the look and feel of our brand and who understood our products. Alisha is always on the go and is a true artist. She captures in-between moments when a bride and groom have a quiet look or when the light hits in just the right way. We got to ask her a little bit more about herself. Learn more about our this amazing woman.

What got you into photography?
My parents were always so adamant about having us do art projects growing up. I tried out ceramics, painting, you name it. And then one day I picked up an old camera and just took to it. I guess you'd say I got into photography around early high school. It gave me this creative outlet that I'd never felt before.

What would you like to be photographing that you aren't?
I want to save time for more personal projects for sure. It's not so much what I'm photographing, but how I'm photographing it. So getting back into film and really exploring different mediums within photography. I think as all people we sometimes get stuck in our ways. I'm constantly figuring out how to break that pattern within myself.

What's your daily routine?
oh boy, it honestly changes a lot depending on if Im traveling or staying put in Chicago. If I get to be home my daily routine is waking up early (6 or 7), doing some yoga/meditation in my apartment, cook breakfast then head over to my studio in Ravenswood where I get a bulk of my emails and editing done. I'll be there until 4ish and then I take a break either visiting my adorable little nephew or taking a yoga class and then head home make some dinner and finish up my work until around 8 or 9. If I'm traveling it's pretty much just GO GO GO the entire day.

Favorite healthy habit?
Yoga! Hands down. It gets me out of my head and into my body. I don't know what I would do without it.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced?
learning how to balance work and personal life. My job has become a part of who I am so it's pretty hard to separate the two.

What inspires you?
Getting away from my computer and phone and into nature. Deep and meaningful conversations with people I know very little about. Long walks at night. Being in a place I've never seen before.

What's your spirit animal and why?
Wolf. I'm intense and get what I want, but I'm also a little mysterious and pensive at times.

#myrecess is....
staying present in the moment even when life around me can get chaotic.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Pro tip: when traveling for work, ALWAYS make time for you. Since I travel so often, I usually like to try out a yoga or pilates studio in the general area that I'm staying. It makes me feel like I'm in somewhat of a routine still and also allows me to socialize a bit especially on solo travel trips when I'm by myself most of the time.

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