Face 101: The Original RECESS Face Cleansing Wipe

Face 101: The Original RECESS Face Cleansing Wipe
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Long before launching RECESS, after doing many surveys, we heard 2 things loud and clear.
1. Lots of people use face wipes.
2. Most people find the face wipes they use to be drying, sticky or leave an icky residue on their face. 

We'd had the same experiences, but seeing how common this pain point was made it clear to us that we couldn't launch our brand without a kickass new face wipe that worked.

"Working" doesn't mean "getting the stuff on your face, off your face". Working means delivering true results. Not only cleaning your face with a wipe like if you washed your face at home as part of your self-care routine, but also conditioning + moisturizing your face. 

That's why the Face 101: Face Cleansing Wipe is like a portable facial. It cleanses, tones, brightens and moisturizes with clean beauty ingredients like caffeine, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. It feels great, smells great (like a fresh picked orange, but just a hint), and most importantly is healthy for your skin so you know you're putting your best face forward, even when you're on the run. It's why ClassPass called them a dream. 

Once you try it, let us know what you think!

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