RECESS Body Wipes Product Review by Refinery29

RECESS Body Wipes Product Review by Refinery29
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The Gist: "I use these wipes from Recess because I'm perpetually short on time, the public showers in my gym are untrustworthy, and I would rather feel semi-clean than not clean at all — so, I keep these in every bag I own." These are the body wipes that finally give you an excuse not to shower.

Do I really have to shower? I always find myself asking this question post-gym because I hate the whole communal shower situation. And, secretly, I kind of like leaving the salty residue of my workout on my skin — It's that silent assurance that I did, in fact, pick myself up out of bed to be active (an hour earlier than usual, no less!). Still, not showering is risky. No one wants to see — or smell — the remnants of the 45-minute hot yoga class I did before work. The solution: Body wipes. Because even I know, as much as I loathe the time-consuming process of bathing, that it must be done in some capacity.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid (to moisturize), vitamin C (to brighten), caffeine (to reduce redness), chamomile (to calm and soothe), and eucalyptus (to stimulate skin repair) these alcohol-free, non-comedogenic wipes are a lazy person's dream. They're about the size of a dryer sheet, so depending on how dirty you are, you could probably cover the most important places (underarms, chest, underboobs) with just one wipe. And something about the scent reminds me of a Clean Cotton Yankee Candle. These body wipes aren't only made for people who hate showers, like me. I imagine they're also helpful for people who miss their flight and have to sleep in an airport overnight or for people who camp. But they're my excuse to never shower again...

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