Jackie's Story

Jackie's Story
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It's so nice to meet you! I'm the Founder and CEO of RECESS. I grew up playing sports, with a passion for wellbeing. Fact: my mom used to tell me to run around the block to burn off energy. Needless to say, I've channeled that energy and have become known as the girl that gets things done. I grew up around business and got the entrepreneurial bug early. I used to make bracelets with string + beads and sell them at my lemonade stand. Then I made t-shirts to support Katrina victims and sold them outside the sporting goods store in my hometown after college. I like to solve problems, and help people. I'm also active and spent most of my pre-18 years as a soccer goalie, while dabbling at other things like javelin (super fun) and hurdles (really hard).

I won't bore you with my career; the gist is that I've been in marketing since 2005 at global lifestyle brands including Estee Lauder, Equinox and Food52. I was lucky to grow up around business. My parents and grandparents ran the gamut from entrepreneurs, to salesmen to accountants, to real estate development, to social workers. I was a sponge.

My ah-ha moment for RECESS came when I was working at Equinox. I worked out midday which was amazing, but was getting really frustrated. From the planning of what I needed to pack, to the timing, to when do I wash my hair, I was getting really stressed and tired of feeling like I had to compromise in order to fit in the thing that balanced my mind + body, fitness. I remember one day, standing half naked in the shower line, clutching and typing furiously on my blackberry (yup, that long ago) with one hand, and holding toiletries and a towel in my other hand. I wasn't alone; I was in line with a dozen other women, all trying to get back to their desk, their kids' school, lunch, or some other fabulous thing. I decided there had to be a better way. 

I got to work on RECESS, inspired by my life, and those around me, struggling with the same issues. I personally have very sensitive skin, so having products I can trust that are easy to throw in my bag and keep with me, makes me so happy. I'm so proud to bring it to you and hope it solves your challenges, too. Our mission is for you to do the things you love, when and how you want, and not feel like you have to make sacrifices in order to fit in the things that power you. Our products help you do that. If you're wondering what I do when I'm not working on RECESS, I'm working out, enjoying sunshine whenever possible, hanging with friends, or chilling with my husband, Bill and our sassy rescue chihuahua, Morty.

Favorite snack is popcorn.
Favorite place to visit is New Orleans.
My spirit animal is a flamingo.
#MYRECESS is fitness.
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