Jaime's story

Jaime's story
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Hi, I'm a founding member of RECESS and the Chief Creative Officer. I studied painting in college (after starting off pre-med) and then earned a Master of Fine Arts in painting. I've always been torn between science and art, being interested in the invention side of things. I have experience working with a fashion photographer, designers at several e-commerce sites, and most recently opened a creative agency for high-profile startups to help build their brands online. 

I was raised in Florida by a fisherman dermatologist so I learned early on to watch out for harmful ingredients and how to protect my skin from the sun. Dinner table conversations revolved around discussing dermatology and medical journal articles. I grew up going to dermatology conventions and keeping up with my skin knowledge and what the biggest allergens of the year were. Not to mention I was graced with the presence of very sensitive skin and a skin allergy, all of which has only made me more passionate about providing safe, accessible products through RECESS. 

When I'm not working I can be found at museums, trying out different pilates and gyrotonics studios, or flying home to Florida to go fishing with my family. 

Jaime's RECESS
Favorite snack is hummus with pineapple salsa on corn chips
Favorite place to visit is Japan.
My spirit animal is an otter.
#MYRECESS is fishing.
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